This experiential conference aims to help professionals, academics and managers to work more effectively in multiple roles, with multiple groups, where there are sometimes conflicting interests.

the primary task

To provide opportunities for participants to explore how they experience, take up and manage a multiplicity of roles and the conflicts between those roles. These may be experienced personally or interpersonally in the conference organisation.


The aim will be achieved by offering participants a variety of group settings for working together during the conference. Participants can witness how they take up, manage and experience themselves - as well as others - in and between different roles and learn from their own as well as others' experience, with people of various organisational and professional backgrounds. The learning can then be applied to their ‘back home’ situations.


The conference is designed for people in the helping, academic and educational professions who hold multiple concurrent roles in their organisations. This includes clinicians, psychotherapists, academics, consultants, managers in professional services, Board members and teachers in professional organisations and others. The conference is intended to assist all those who find the multiplicity of their work roles intriguing, challenging or unsatisfactory and wish to improve their management of these roles by learning with and from others from a variety of professional backgrounds.